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An Etch-a-Sketch “paper game” that Cadie played with me

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Deirdre. And she asked her older sister, Cadie, if she wanted to play an Etch-a-Sketch paper game (which is just a paper game played on an Etch-a-Sketch.) And so, she forced Cadie to say yes!

And so, in the game Cadie started out in the living room. Deirdre was her “GPS”, you could say, and um well Cadie wanted to go outside. And Cadie went outside, and found herself on the lawn! Great! Now what! And so I told her–ahem, the GPS told her–that she could go to Old Man’s Cave, or into to the forest, or-or-I forget where. Anyway, Cadie said she wanted to just start walking and see where she’d end up. And so Cadie walked to the creek. And she crossed the creek. (You can imagine how hard this was for her GPS Etch-a-Sketch to draw!) Then she came to a woods. And she got some acorns and some other nuts, and she also tamed a little duck from breadcrumbs in her pocket.

And Cadie decided to keep going and the GPS drew out another landscape on the GPS’s Etch-a-Sketch, and… where was I? Cadie came out of the clearing in the woods, and she saw big mountains! So she climbed the moutains, because there was nothing better to do. Huff, huff, huff,  huff-huff-huff–poor ducky, who was flying all that way. Read more »

A story/dream I had

By Deirdre

Well, the dream started out with a draw-er [i.e, person who draws] and he drew whatever he saw, whether he liked it or not. And so one day there was this really prissy snotty spoiled queen person came to the house, he drew a picture of her. And the next morning he woke up in a sandy place (after a beeping noise had gone away and he had fallen back asleep) and he saw that all the people that he had drawn that he didn’t like were after them. And the queen was the biggest one. And then he started running away, but somehow he never left this building that was sitting out in the middle of the desert. And so then finally he jumped on top of it—and all that time I was thinking, “Write Stop! Write Stop, you ninny!” Because after all I was kind of in control of that guy, and he finally grabbed a stick and wrote “Stop”.

And by that time his little brother had entered the dream and jumped on top of it (the building). And then he sort of woke up from this daze and his mother was saying “Would you please get out of that daze, or whatever you’re in, to eat supper!” because he was acting really strange. Then all of a sudden he heard a beeping noise, but he ignored it and fell back asleep.

And he woke up in a snowy place! (There was a sandy place lots of times, and there was a snowy place lots of times, so I can never be sure when I’m remembering the dream which it was.) And then he tried to jump on top of the building with his stick again with his little brother, but he couldn’t! For some reason there was a force stopping him.

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Something interesting I saw

This evening I saw something kind of interesting. Some wolves/coyotes were chasing two deer on the hill. I remember one of the deer rearing up on its hind legs, but I couldn’t see too terribly much, because it was dusky out. If I was younger, that probably would of scared me pretty good. I don’t have any pictures but I guess I just felt like writing about it.

A little bit about The Little Kids Adventure

First, you should know that most of the stuff I write about is not how it was when we played it (which we still do sometimes.) I can’t remember what happened when we played it, exactly. So, I make it up, mostly. Maybe when I get to the more recent stuff I will be remembering more and making up less. Hopefully it doesn’t bother Caleb that I make up a pretty lot of it. Another thing you should know, is that when we play The Little Kids Adventure with our cousin Christan we aren’t playing the same Little Kids Adventure as when we do it by ourselves. And you should remember that Dierdre’s in The Little Kids Adventure too.

The little kids Adventure Episode 2 of Book 1

Here is Episode 2.

One night while Caleb and Owen were  sleeping, some goblins sneaked into the dark dungeon ‘s cave and grabbed Deirdre and sneaked away. When Caleb and Owen woke up, they forgot about Dierdre because they heard noises outside the cave. They poked there heads out of the cave and saw two orcs talking to each other. So they both picked up a rock each, and knocked the orcs out with them, and stabbed them dead with there own weapons. Then they set off to look for Deidre. As They went along, They saw a house that had a sign near it that said ‘Eat free candy Here and sometimes gain powers.’ So they went up to the candy shop and knocked on the door. A little rabbit poked his head out the window and asked them what kind of candy they wanted. (Caleb and Owen were very young, so a talking rabbit didn’t seem strange to them.)Owen said, “We don’t want any candy, little rabbit. (witch was not quite true) “We just want to find our sister Dierdre.” The little rabbit, seeming to know a lot, replied, “You won’t find Deirdre, she will just turn up sometime. One thing you should know, my boy, is that not all goblins are bad.”

“So  what?  We’re going home!” said Owen and he started to walk away. “You don’t have a home!” the little rabbit yelled after them. “So what, we’ll build one!” Owen yelled back. And the next day they set out in search for something to cut trees down with. While the were walking along, they came to the town the orcs chased them out of. The only building that was left standing was a tavern, witch the orcs didn’t want to destroy because it had lots of food in it. So Owen and Caleb Walked right in and made themselves at home.

Maybe even a year later, Owen and Caleb decided to go out and fight the orcs. They had found some weapons lying around the tavern, and they set off in the direction of spider mountain. While they were walking along, Some goblins jumped out of the trees and started whacking Owen and Caleb on the feet with there hammers (The Goblins that we made are very small.)

How well do you know Owen? Quiz

Since Caleb and Deirdre did it, why not me?

1. What is my favorite Animal?

A. Baby chick

B. Rabbit

C. Kangaroo

D. Tiger


2. What is my favorite color?

A. Red

B. Blue

C. Yellow

D. Orange

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How Well Do You Know Caleb? Quiz

Here’s the quiz that I made:

1. What are my two favorite colors?

(a)  Orange and yellow
(b)  Brown and white
(c)  Green and red
(d)  Blue and green
(e)  Purple and black

2.  If I could choose a super-power, what would it be?

(a)  Reading minds
(b)  Flying
(c)  Being able to walk through walls
(d)  Being invisible
(e)  Super speed

3.  What two things do I wish I knew how to do that I don’t:

(a)  Raising one eyebrow and swimming
(b)  Playing the piano and wiggling my ears
(c)  Winking one eye and riding a bike
(d)  Whistling and building things such as tree forts
(e)  Snapping my fingers and climbing trees

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How Well Do You Know Deirdre? Quiz

Deirdre saw Cadie make a quiz like this on Facebook, and she thought it would be fun to make one, too.

Pick what answers you think are right, and at the bottom of the quiz the right answers, and explanations why, are given.

1. Which of these is one of my chores right now?

(a) Cleaning the steps
(b) Cleaning the kitchen
(c) Washing breakfast dishes
(d) Drying breakfast dishes
(e) Drying lunch dishes

2. What is my favorite chore? (note: some of these aren’t actually my chores)

(a) Drying breakfast dishes
(b) Drying lunch dishes
(c) Washing lunch dishes
(d) Washing breakfast dishes
(e) Cleaning the upstairs hallway

3. What are my favorite animals besides chickens?

(a) cats and ducks
(b) dogs and cats
(c) hamsters and mice
(d) horses and ponies
(e) birds (not chickens) and goats

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The story of a grandpa and grandma

This is a story Deirdre dictated to me (Cadie). She dictated it over the course of several days. I’m not sure she ever officially finished it, but we both decided to just post it now since she wasn’t writing any more to it.

I can’t remember if I already posted it, so if I did, this is a repeat. I think, though, that I was going to post it but never actually did.

(Note: It’s not very clear to the reader, but at the beginning of this story, the grandpa and grandma are not married. They are both widow/widower.)

The Story of a Grandpa and Grandma
By Deirdre

Once upon a time there was an old man with some grandchildren who lived on a farm. And there was no one there but him. (He had grandchildren, but they were at a different house.) There was a grandma that lived 2 miles away from the grandfather.

The grandpa had a wagon and two horses. One was white with black spots and another was brown with a white streak going down on its forehead. The grandmother had an old-fashioned car. (Not the car nowadays, it was the car like when cars were first coming out.)

The grandpa was a cheerful old man. But the grandma was a grim old grandma! She didn’t care about children, she just cared about how many chores she got at her house and she fussed about how much work she got.

ONE day…. The grandpa decided to visit the grandmother. The grandmother was so surprised that she threw her arms him and decided not to be grim anymore. She decided it was too much work to be grim, and she couldn’t ever do it. So she decided to make a doll for one of the grandchildren girls of the grandpa and of hers. And she started to invent something that was so amazing, she had to work on it for VERY many days. And she decided to call it, a computer.

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The Story of Deirdrelocks and the 3 Dads

One day, Deirdrelocks was walking along and she smelled the nasty smell of oatmeal coming from the woods. “Yuck,” she said, and started to walk away. Then she said, “Oh yeah, I’m supposed to go in and eat up all the bears oatmeal. I hope it doesn’t kill me!” So she walked into the woods, and saw three bowls of Oatmeal sitting near a fire. She dumped all the biggest bowls oatmeal into her mouth. “Yuck,” she said. “That was terrible!” She ate up the next bowl of oatmeal. “Even worse!” she yelled. She ate up the smallest bowl of oatmeal, and she fell over dead it was so yucky. Then the three dads came along. “Yay!” they yelled. “Now we don’t have to eat our oatmeal anymore!” And they ate up yummy Dierdrelocks instead and lived happily ever after! THE END!       There. I taught you that oatmeal tastes bad (like you didn’t already know) and that my dad likes to bite deirdre.