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Archive for January, 2003

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

Menu: Chinese Chicken Fried Rice Idaho Potato Cake 2 gallons Purdyville Juice (recipe not given) Comments: Even Teman, who dislikes most Oriental dishes, can tolerate this. The rest of us really like it. I left out the ham this time and several people missed it. If you don’t have dark sesame oil, I wouldn’t worry […]

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Black Bean Burritos

Menu: Black Bean Burritos Tossed Salad Purdyville Juice Comments:Yummy Black Bean Burritos for supper. Well, yummy for me. Some people don’t like the onion. And I think some people don’t like the beans. There may even be people in this family who don’t like the burritos . . . but that is their loss.–Rundy Recipes: […]

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TWIP Vol. 6 Issue 01

This Week in Purdyville In this issue: Rundy(21) Writes about the cold weather Arlan(19) Writes about making thank-you notes Rundy(21) Asks if people still want The Word Corner in TWIP Hello everyone, and welcome to a new year of This Week in Purdyville! Thanks from us to all of the loyal subscribers who renewed. As […]

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