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Archive for April, 2003

TWIP Vol. 6 Issue 03

In this issue: Arlan(19) Writes about his trip to NYC Rundy(21) Writes about Calf Hunting Rundy(21) Brings prolegomenon to The Word Corner Find the current issue of TWIP on the web at http://www.purdyville.com/twip/current.html Early this semester Arlan took a trip down to NYC for his art class. I’ve converted his report back into an article […]

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My latest photos

Well, here is my first post on my brand-new blog! Not much happened today, except that I got my film back in the mail. I was surprised how quickly they developed it; Clark, the company that I developed them with, sent me an e-mail both when they received it and when they shipped it, and […]

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