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Archive for July, 2003

What's Been Happening Lately

The Willow Tree’s Demise The willow tree that is close to the house fell down in a forceful but short storm we had recently. It was not surprising, considering the base of the tree was getting carved out with rottenness. It had been a landmark on our property; especially more of a landmark once our […]

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My Imaginary Botanical Garden

Recently Owen and I made a pretend Baby Chick Botanical Garden. Originally we weren’t even going to make a botanical garden; originally what we were doing was playing a game where I was a big fat baby chick and Owen was trying to make me be not so fat. First Owen made me play tetherball, […]

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TWIP Vol. 6 Issue 04

In this issue: Titi(18) Writes about a morning in Purdyville Rundy(21) Writes about pruning Find the current issue of TWIP on the web at http://www.purdyville.com/twip/current.html Both of the following peices were written earlier this year. In the case of "A Hard Day" it was initially published on my blog (found at http://homefront.silverwarethief.com/) in April. The […]

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A Game I Played with the Little Kids

Our game started out with the little kids playing a game where two “sides” (teams) were Animal or Human. The Human side had to build houses for its people, barns or zoos for the animals they captured, and they had to feed, milk, etc. animals they captured. (With most of our games like this we […]

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