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Archive for October, 2003

The Vile Toilet

I flushed the toilet. But it didn’t flush. At first I was unfazed by the toilet’s rapid filling with water. We have a new toilet, but unfortunately it is a disobedient one. Far too often it acts rebellious when asked to flush. Sometimes it will fill threateningly all the way up to the top with […]

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Project #1

I just finished the big project of sorting through coats. Just how big was this project? Well, when I was done, I brought 7 lawn-and-leaf sized bags full of coats and jackets to our local clothing bank–twice. Yes, twice. The first time, I brought them to their location only a few miles away, right on […]

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The Bread Freak

As anyone who spends practically any time around Rundy knows, Rundy is a total bread freak. He loves bread. He eats it all the time. He was the one who got us started on making our own bread. Yesterday, one of my loaves of bread was sticking the pan, and I was having a real […]

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I've had enough apples

The day after we did all that applesauce, a local farmer hired me to pick up apples off the ground for him. Sounds easy, but he had a million apples. If his cows ate too many apples, the apples would ferment in the cows stomachs, making them very, very sick. Sick enough to die. Since […]

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Anyone who reads Mom’s weblog at coldclimategardening.com or Rundy’s blog already knows that we wound up picking a couple hundred pounds of our apples (we guess) during a hail/frozen rain/grupple storm so that we could save them from the impending hard freeze. Now, what do you suppose you do with a couple hundred pounds of […]

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