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Archive for January, 2004

"Blah," said Toad

(Anyone who doesn’t know what that means has missed out on the best children’s books ever written. For proper pronunciation, you should hear Arnold Lobel say it.) As far as I am concerned, we are not at the lowest point of winter there ever is. It’s not so bad in November and December. There’s still […]

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Are you my little sister?

Deirdre and I have this game we play. It’s basically making small talk with a kid who’s almost 2. It’s called “Are you my little sister?” And Deirdre, being a kid who’s almost 2, says “Nooooooooo.” “Oh! Well, then, are you my little. . .porcupine?” “No!” she says cheerfully.

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Deirdre’s hair keeps getting longer and longer. Being the one in charge of haircuts, I made the executive decision that Deidre was going to grow her bangs out. This, of course, means that her bangs are usually in her eyes right about now. She has her own stubborn opinions about her hair. You brush the […]

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Hitting The Bottom

I think we’ve hit the bottom of winter. This is to say I think we’re past the half way mark, not that the worst is over. I certainly hope the worst is over, but sometimes winter gives the worst in the second half. It’s been a pretty tough first half of the winter, so I’m […]

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Double-Crusted Pizza

Menu: Double-Crusted Pizza with Sausage and Peppers, doubled Double-Crusted Pizza with Mushrooms and Onions, doubled 2 gallons Purdyville Juice Comments: Tonight was Lachlan’s turn to cook. This is the first time we made the sausage and pepper recipe. We based it on another recipe called Sausage Sandwich Squares. By using the poultry sausage we managed […]

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