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Archive for February, 2004

My Little Helper

Deirdre was helping me make supper today. She thinks she’s very grown-up, so naturally she has to do everything the big kids do. This includes washing and drying dishes, doing laundry, drawing pictures, stretching out her arms and saying “Ohhhh…Dear!” like Titi does…you name it. This particular time, I was getting ready to make Cheddar […]

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Winter Walk

Today was one of those beautiful days when the sun is is actually shining and the icicles are dripping. I can never stand to be cooped up in the house for too long, and it’s especially bad in winter, so despite the cold and the snow I go for walks outside as often as possible. […]

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TWIP Vol. 7 Issue 01

In this issue: Rundy(22) Writes about blogs, and where you can read more Purdyville writing Titi(18) Writes about Deidre Find the current issue of TWIP on the web at http://www.purdyville.com/twip/current.htmlFind the archives of TWIP on the web at http://www.purdyville.com/twip/archive.html What is a Blog? By Rundy Perhaps you know what a blog is. But then, maybe […]

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