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Archive for March, 2004

TWIP Vol. 7 Issue 02

In this issue: Cadie(14) Writes about a winter walk Rundy(22) Writes about changing a light fixture Find the current issue of TWIP on the web at http://www.purdyville.com/twip/current.htmlFind the archives of TWIP on the web at http://www.purdyville.com/twip/archive.html Winter Walk By Cadie Today was one of those beautiful days when the sun is actually shining and the […]

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Picture This. . .

Short (5 foot) old me, standing still in the woods. Up to mid-calves in very, very wet snow. In the middle of a wild pasture rose patch full of briars about 8 feet long. I’m not wearing gloves, or even thick clothes (or a coat), and I am currently cutting through a briar the diameter […]

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