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Archive for April, 2004

TWIP Vol. 7 Issue 03

In this issue: Cadie(15) Writes about a sledding Titi(18) Writes about driving Rundy(22) Writes about grafting Find the current issue of TWIP on the web at http://www.purdyville.com/twip/current.htmlFind the archives of TWIP on the web at http://www.purdyville.com/twip/archive.html Sledding By Cadie (Note: This actually happened sometime in January, but I was having trouble finishing the article.) "It’s […]

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Here I am, driving a tan Geo Prisim down the road I live on, a smile on my face. Guess why I’m smiling? Is it because I like driving? WRONG!! I am smiling because, currently, I know where I am, I know where I’m going, I haven’t had an accident, and the car hasn’t betrayed […]

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