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Archive for February, 2005

Cleaning. . .What fun.

After years of hearing "A place for everything, and everything in it’s place," I had become brainwashed into believing it. The only way for something to be TRULY clean would be if EVERYthing truly had it’s own place. This task seemed overwhelming, so rather than putting things away I would just leave it out, creating […]

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Fixing Jeans

Glue stick works amzingly well! I’ve heard all over the place people using regular old glue stick for basting. I imagined a dreadful, sticky mess, and passed it off as people with poor taste.  Well, I actually tried it for myself when was fixing a pair of Lachlan’s jeans, for lack of a better idea […]

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A Fun Toy Soldier Game

Dictated by Owen (7) I like to play toy soldier games. What’s fun about playing toy soldier games is to build a big base and kill the enemy. Also, what you could build is Radar-Jammers and they make it so your radar can’t see the enemy’s base. One time me and Evan and Coll-Coll and […]

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Some Things About Deirdre

Dictated by Owen (7) Deirdre likes to play with toys. She likes to play dolls and things. She likes to make them suck on pacifiers and she carries them around and doesn’t want anybody to hurt her babies. Deirdre always wants to join our game, but we say, “No, Deirdre, you can’t play our game, […]

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What noise frogs and rabbits make

Titi was brushing out Deirdre’s hair. Deirdre said that she was a frog (she likes to pretend she’s some animal or other) who said, “Friggit-froggit! Friggit-froggit!” I decided to inform her of what noise frogs really make. “You know what noise frogs really truly supposedly make?” (Titi made a sort of half-snort at the way […]

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