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Archive for June, 2005

Blatherings about the cold

We’ve all just been through another batch of colds. Here I am, over with my cold enough to finally get something productive done. (If "posting-on-your-blog-which-you’ve-hardly-ever-posted-on" counts as productive, that is!) Caleb was the first one who got it, and then Deirdre–it’s always the youngest that gets it first. It seemed like an especially bad cold. […]

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A Fun Game Where Collin Was Chasing Us

Dictated by Caleb, age 5 Me, Coll Coll, Justin, Owen, and Evan played a game. Is what the game was, is Owen was getting chased by Coll-Coll. Then me, then I helped Owen. Then Justy started helping Owen fight Coll-Coll. And then Evey came and started helping Coll-Coll fight Owen and Justin and me. And […]

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Up in the woods with my new camera

Lately it has been so stiflingly hot all I feel like doing is hiding from the heat. Yesterday, however, I decided I’d be brave and go out into the baking sunshine. I just meant it to be a quick walk, to get my legs moving. But I wound up spending quite a bit of time […]

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