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Archive for August, 2005

A lot of running around today

DH and I spent a lot of time on the road at various appointments. He got his new orthotics, new shoes to put the orthotics in, and his first PT appointment, which took a good two hours. This put the wiring part of the project behind. Everyone else managed to keep busy, except for the […]

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Demolition Day

In the morning there were still last minute things to move out, the odd box and most of the carpets, but by noon Rundy and Lachlan were pounding out the ceilings. I took the younger children with me on several errands, one of which was to return a quilting hoop to a friend. She gave […]

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Day One

I’m calling this Day One because this is the first day we are all sleeping in our new, temporary quarters. I spent the day packing my gardening books and magazines. All day long, Rundy and Lachlan moved furniture downstairs and into storage. All the clothes dressers are stored in the enclosed porch, still accessible. Tonight […]

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It's Decided

Teman and Dad went out pricing things at various stores. They committed to doing the renovation and came back with ten windows. Yikes! It’s really going to happen!

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A Proposal

Rundy announced that, with financing provided, he wanted to renovate the dining room and living room after he back from his week long housesitting job for Nate and Sharon (Aug. 14th- 18th). DH responded that he would much rather have the second floor redone as it was in worse shape and we lose a lot […]

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