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Archive for May, 2006

Got him

Rundy set a trap out for an animal who has been eating eggs and killing ducks .The next morning he found out it caught an opossum! Deirdre called it cute and said "I want to cuddle it" but everybody else said it was gross. Rundy shot him after that.

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News flash!

Caleb lost his first tooth!!   Deirdre is the only one who still has all her baby teeth!   The first batch of baby chicks has arrived!! They will quickly turn into meat chickens for the freezer, but right now they’re fluffly little balls that scurry around.   Dad and Teman are taking a week […]

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Fairly often, I’m asked what our family usually does for lunch. Here’s the run down of this past week: Monday: Caleb (age 6) makes macaroni and cheese, from scratch. He needs only a little help from me. Tuesday: Cadie made Chicken and Spaghetti for supper last night. I boil another three pounds of spaghetti for […]

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Deirdre's Birthday

  Deirdre struck this pose, and declared, "Today is the bestest day!" It’s her on her birthday, and she is wearing the present I gave her, a fancy dress. She perfectly accessorized the outfit later on in the evening with her chicken hat (which I made her last year) and my pair of uber-cool sunglasses. […]

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Garden stuff

I planted three bachelor’s buttons today. Collin doesn’t want a garden this year and we will probably plant the water melons there (evan is going to do water melons to).The peas are sprouting.I helped titi move the tomatoes to bigger pots today

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