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Archive for October, 2009

A little bit about The Little Kids Adventure

First, you should know that most of the stuff I write about is not how it was when we played it (which we still do sometimes.) I can’t remember what happened when we played it, exactly. So, I make it up, mostly. Maybe when I get to the more recent stuff I will be remembering […]

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The little kids Adventure Episode 2 of Book 1

Here is Episode 2. One night while Caleb and Owen were  sleeping, some goblins sneaked into the dark dungeon ‘s cave and grabbed Deirdre and sneaked away. When Caleb and Owen woke up, they forgot about Dierdre because they heard noises outside the cave. They poked there heads out of the cave and saw two […]

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How well do you know Owen? Quiz

Since Caleb and Deirdre did it, why not me? 1. What is my favorite Animal? A. Baby chick B. Rabbit C. Kangaroo D. Tiger   2. What is my favorite color? A. Red B. Blue C. Yellow D. Orange

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How Well Do You Know Caleb? Quiz

Here’s the quiz that I made: 1. What are my two favorite colors? (a)  Orange and yellow (b)  Brown and white (c)  Green and red (d)  Blue and green (e)  Purple and black 2.  If I could choose a super-power, what would it be? (a)  Reading minds (b)  Flying (c)  Being able to walk through […]

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How Well Do You Know Deirdre? Quiz

Deirdre saw Cadie make a quiz like this on Facebook, and she thought it would be fun to make one, too. Pick what answers you think are right, and at the bottom of the quiz the right answers, and explanations why, are given. 1. Which of these is one of my chores right now? (a) […]

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