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Category: Character Studies

How Funny Can it Get?

Justin had found some little pair of glasses laying around. Being very bored, he tried them on for play and started making faces. “See, Cadie?” he said with a big grin. That got some giggles out of the little kids–Justy looked so weird. Then Owen tried them on, and went marching into the bathroom to […]

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A Goofing-Off Afternoon

Justin, Owen and I were in the kitchen–Justin and Owen, eating pears for snack, and me trying to do my math. A thought popped in my mind; I usually only think of bananas when I think of fruit that’s yellow, but there are actually other fruits that are as well–like the pears that we’ve been […]

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The Bread Freak

As anyone who spends practically any time around Rundy knows, Rundy is a total bread freak. He loves bread. He eats it all the time. He was the one who got us started on making our own bread. Yesterday, one of my loaves of bread was sticking the pan, and I was having a real […]

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