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Category: Little Kids

A Bit of Childhood Re-Visited

Today was a very discombobulating day. I started out today full of resolute to get going on my daily activities with all vigor; none of this dilly-dallying of late. That meant getting back onto an orderly schedule. But just as I was about to go upstairs and get started, a thought occurred to me. I […]

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Here's a Snippet

I am experimenting here; should be going to bed really. Deirdre was pushing Caleb in a self-pedaled car. It was hard going uphill. But it sure was fun going downhill!

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Caleb Says Funny Things

Sometimes Caleb says kind of funny things. Today at the supper table Caleb told me, "Everybody else looks good with their ears except for me." "What do you mean, everybody looks good with their ears except for you?" I asked him. "I mean," he said, looking up at me and smiling a little, "Everybody else […]

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