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Category: Scenes from Daily Life

What's going to be in my garden.

I’m going to have: Zinnias, bachelor’s buttons, water melons, and maybe something else that’s left-over (but I might not have room) . I had Zinnias and bachelor’s buttons last year, and got seeds from them to plant this year!

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Deirdre at Night

Last night when I came to bed, instead of the soft even sound of Deirdre’s sleep breathing, I was greeted by a tiny muffled voice: "Who’s dat?" Lots of times I be silly and make her figure it out for herself: "Hmm, who is it? I’m probably Titi, right?" to which she says "No, you’re […]

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Fixing Jeans

Glue stick works amzingly well! I’ve heard all over the place people using regular old glue stick for basting. I imagined a dreadful, sticky mess, and passed it off as people with poor taste.  Well, I actually tried it for myself when was fixing a pair of Lachlan’s jeans, for lack of a better idea […]

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