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Category: The Daily Grind

News flash!

Caleb lost his first tooth!!   Deirdre is the only one who still has all her baby teeth!   The first batch of baby chicks has arrived!! They will quickly turn into meat chickens for the freezer, but right now they’re fluffly little balls that scurry around.   Dad and Teman are taking a week […]

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Fairly often, I’m asked what our family usually does for lunch. Here’s the run down of this past week: Monday: Caleb (age 6) makes macaroni and cheese, from scratch. He needs only a little help from me. Tuesday: Cadie made Chicken and Spaghetti for supper last night. I boil another three pounds of spaghetti for […]

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Haircuts (Don't be Chicken!)

  Boys don’t like haircuts or picture takings. One of my many tasks around here is that of the town Barber. Once upon a time, a long time ago, Grandma Purdy used to cut the boys’ hair. Between her declining health, and the ever increasing amount of boys (and their hair), she was forced to […]

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In Search of a Better Toaster

Our toaster is ailing. The button won’t stay down, though if you stand right there and hold it down, it will still toast the bread. I don’t remember going through toasters so fast when I was a kid. Seems to me we had the same toaster forever back then. Maybe it was only ten years, […]

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Yesterday I printed out the latest draft of my novel. After so many long months of work it feels anti-climatic. It’s the day after, and I’m just sitting here. Where is the swelling music, where is the great victory? It seems rather quiet. Actually, quietness is about right. I am exhausted, and a bit of […]

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Thanksgiving . . . Christmas

A Quiet Thanksgiving Thanksgiving passed without much ado. We went to Nate and Sharon’s for a Thanksgiving family gathering. Winter family gatherings are more difficult than summer get-togethers. Being stuck inside with a lot of relatives . . . well, it’s noisy. And, with the number of relatives in the family, it’s really crowded as […]

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Project #2

Yesterday I cleaned up my side of the bedroom. Winter clothes in the drawers, summer clothes packed away. Got rid of all the boxes I was saving (to wrap birthday presents in) except the shoeboxes and some boxes I think I can hold magazines. Still an awful lot of papers and catalogs to take care […]

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Project #1

I just finished the big project of sorting through coats. Just how big was this project? Well, when I was done, I brought 7 lawn-and-leaf sized bags full of coats and jackets to our local clothing bank–twice. Yes, twice. The first time, I brought them to their location only a few miles away, right on […]

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