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The Story of Deirdrelocks and the 3 Dads

One day, Deirdrelocks was walking along and she smelled the nasty smell of oatmeal coming from the woods. “Yuck,” she said, and started to walk away. Then she said, “Oh yeah, I’m supposed to go in and eat up all the bears oatmeal. I hope it doesn’t kill me!” So she walked into the woods, and saw three bowls of Oatmeal sitting near a fire. She dumped all the biggest bowls oatmeal into her mouth. “Yuck,” she said. “That was terrible!” She ate up the next bowl of oatmeal. “Even worse!” she yelled. She ate up the smallest bowl of oatmeal, and she fell over dead it was so yucky. Then the three dads came along. “Yay!” they yelled. “Now we don’t have to eat our oatmeal anymore!” And they ate up yummy Dierdrelocks instead and lived happily ever after! THE END!       There. I taught you that oatmeal tastes bad (like you didn’t already know) and that my dad likes to bite deirdre.

A little bit from Deirdre

Wednesday: I’m sick and everyone’s gone except me, Caleb and Dad. Everyone is gone blackberry picking. Mom was at physical therapy, and a little bit of shopping. I wish I could go blackberry picking too but I’m sick with a barfing bug. I was playing my recorder until now, and it is sooooooooo quiet now!

Friday: I’m getting better :). Only: a runny nose, a cough, and a sneeze. Yesterday, my stomachache and barfing bug went away. Almost everyone’s sick in our family with a cold.

Saturday: I’m almost all better! Un-sickness: cough, sneeze. (That means I don’t have them anymore.) Sickness: barely runny nose! Isn’t that great.

The Little Kids Adventure "Book" 1 Episode 1

Before I start on the first “Book” of The Little Kids Adventure I will tell you some things you should know. The Little Kids Adventure is a imaginary game me and Caleb play. It is only slightly like the game Collin used to play with us. We split up The Little Kids Adventure into episodes and “books”. Books are the largest, then episodes. I will make it seem like The Little Kids Adventure is a real life story, and I will not include interruptions where me and Caleb stop to talk and stuff. The Little Kids Adventure is in Medieval times. Read more »

Little Red Riding hood and the Big Bad Wolf (my version.)

Here’s the little red riding hood story for boys. The  other original boring, sappy-go-lucky, and silly is for girls and little kids. Anyway, Once upon a time there was a wolf and his mom. His mom told him to catch a delicious little human girl because his granny got shot in the leg and couldn’t hunt anymore. So the wolf set out to find the little girl. he was walking along a path when he heard footsteps. So he dug a hole, jumped in, and buried himself. When the footsteps where right above him, he burst through the dirt and knocked over the little yellow riding hood (for thats who it was.) “Oh, hello mister wolf,” it said. “My granny is sick in bed will you pick flowers with me?” The wolf, deciding that little yellow riding hood had cooties, scampered up the nearest tree. Then he called up pest control, put on a gas mask and threw a net over little yellow riding hood. Later, the pest control showed up and sprayed cootie disinfectant all over  little yellow riding hood, who shriveled up like a prune. The end

The moral to this story is NEVER READ STUPID STORIES LIKE THIS. Bye.

The Fort I'm Building

How I got my inspiration for my tree fort was all because one day I was sitting around, thinking it would be nice if I could swing on some nice and new swing, not the old and rusty one we have. So then I thought it would be a nice idea if I made a tire swing, so Caleb and I set one up on the apple tree with bailing twine. When Justin called me in to dry, I told him and Evan what I was going to do. But Justin said, “that will get in the way of tree climbing you know.” And Evan said, “besides that is our favorite place to swing down.” This hadn’t occurred to me at the time and I wondered what to do. Read more »

All About the Chickens

By Deirdre

Waah, I can’t play with the chickens, it’s wintertime–it’s too cold out! There’s one chicken that’s so dumb that she always be’s nice to me. And I call her Blackbeard. That same chicken used to peck out my eyeballs! (Not really peck out my eyeballs, she just always tried to. But now she doesn’t do that.) And whenever I want Blackbeard to jump on my back, I just bend down, and she just “hups” right on my back! But I shouldn’t really do that because my brother Evan who feeds the chickens, then she always jumps on his back and he doesn’t like that.

Deirdre feeding Blackbeard Deirdre holding Blackbeard, her second-favorite chicken!
Read more »

No Boys or Girls Allowed

That’s the words we saw on a piece of paper on the dining room table, Justin and I. Except it was spelled “NO BOYS OR GRLS ULOWD”, in Deirdre’s handwriting. “What’s that say?” Justin asked. I read it aloud, adding “I have no idea what she did it for, though.”

As the day progressed it slowly became evident what this was all about. Later on, Deirdre came into our room while I was in there, holding some sort of paper in her hands, and then stopped suddenly. “Drat!” she said with emphatic pronunciation, and exited the room. I thought either she didn’t like it that I had the radio on, with Christmas music playing–she doesn’t take much notice of it for the most part, but she hates a particular Christmas song so much it might’ve been connected with that–or she didn’t like it that I was in the room, which is the distinct impression I got. I left the room soon after. I noticed there was a pile of markers near the computer chair, as if she was stashing them there temporarily, to be used shortly. Read more »

Work in the Garden

You can see Deirdre going down to the house–she had been helping too
Dad has been working in the garden just about every day. After all the initial roto-tilling was done, he made raised beds and planted carrots, beets, swisschard, and lettuce and spinach also (I think; I can’t remember for sure). The majority of the time, however, he’s been digging a sort of “trench” all around the garden. It makes an edging of hard, packed down dirt all around the garden. When I asked him if it was to help with drainage, he said no, it was to keep out the weeds. He said it would also act to carry away excess water when needed, but its primary purpose was to create a wall of packed down dirt around the garden to keep the weeds from creeping in. Yesterday he planted tons of potatoes, and today he planted leeks and was making a bed for squash. Read more »

Snow Boulders

Instead of sledding . . .

The first boulder on the lawn
. . . Justin and Owen made snow boulders!

Owen is usually the first of the little kids to go outside. He is what I call the “Great-Day Heralder”, because he’s always on the lookout for Great Days and proclaims them with much enthusiasm. On such a day, he’ll say as he washes breakfast dishes, “Boy it looks like a great day out there, I’m gonna try to finish these dishes extra fast so I can go out there.” After he finishes dishes he usually goes out for a little bit to see how it is out there. He comes back in exclaiming, “GREAT day out there! It’s a great day out there! Man, it’s such a GREAT day out there, Hammie [Caleb] want to come out with me after I’m done with my homeschooling?” Caleb usually makes a non-committal noise like “Mmmm…” Owen usually has to badger him about it to get him to come out, but once he does they both have a great time out there.

On this particular day–New Year’s day–Justin was the one who came out with Owen, though Caleb came out a little later. Owen was going out to try out the snow. As he was getting ready to walk out, Justin said to him, “Tell me if it’s good for making a snowman.” Owen came back in a little later, saying, “Justin it’s GREAT for making a snowman, if you want to come out.” Justin stayed at the computer without making any response, and Owen was a little impatient. He came into the dining room and said, “Well Justin, ARE you going to come out? Oh yeah I forgot, just because I said you could doesn’t mean you’re going to.” Of course, Justin was the one who said to tell him if the snow was good for making snowmen, and he did come out.

When I looked out the door window a while later, Justin and Owen were together rolling up a huge snowball on the front lawn. Justin has done this before–he’s not much of a one to moderate. If the snow’s good for rolling up snow, he’s not just going to roll up some medium-sized ball. He’s going to roll up a HUGE ball because–why stop rolling? The snow was wet enough that it rolled right up like a blanket, as you can see.

Justin and Owen rolling up snowball on the lawn Read more »

The chickens always get out!

The chickens always get out. Sometimes, in the winter time, when there’s patches of grass that there’s not any
snow in, the chickens get out, and sometimes in the springtime and summer and fall they get out, but the ducks get out near winter time under the apple tree to eat fresh grass. (Also OF COURSE they don’t get out when the grass is all covered with snow.)

Today, it was a sunny day out and the chicken got out to enjoy the sunshine just like people do. The little chicken got out where the wheelbarrow was missing. (Ed: A up-turned wheelbarrow was put by a portion of the fence that is broken down to prevent escapees, but apparently it was missing.) I heard some “buk-buk-buk”ings, and some I thought were in the chicken fence, one in the out of the chicken fence. (I thought like three were in the fence and three were out of the fence.) I was looking around for the one that was out of the chicken fence, then I finally saw it in Mom’s garden. A chicken! Then I said, “Bad chicken!”

It was digging in Mom’s garden so I thought it was gonna lay some EGGS there. So I thought it was a she but then I said he after that so then it WAS a he…so…I just got jumbled up. As soon as Cadie told me that when she was outside she said “Wait it IS a he so why did you think it was laying eggs?” The chicken was on the stump that Temmy’s truck backs into, and went over near to the fence. Then as soon as Cadie got on her shoes and sweaters she went outside and chased it into the fence. Actually she didn’t really chase it in, it flew into the fence its own way. Then I shut the fence and Cadie locked it. The end, heh heh. Why’s I said ‘heh heh’ is because usually at the end of a story they don’t say “the end”, so, “heh heh”! At least most books I read.