Cool sunset pictures

June 14, 2008 By admin | Filed Under nature | Comments Off on Cool sunset pictures 

Looking out the window, a bluish cloud with a golden lining caught my eye. It’s not too uncommon to see a cloud with a bright lining, but usually it’s with bright white sunlight; this one was striking with its delicate, glowing-golden outline. When I dashed out to take a picture of that, I saw the whole sky in the west was glowing with a sunset.

In most of these pictures the camera was focusing on the sky and underexposing it slightly, which captures the burning, glowing look it had. In one or two of the pictures the camera is compensating for the ground, and the sky is overexposed, but you can see some of the pinkish tones it had in real life.

Golden-lined cloudClose-up of golden rimmed cloudGold-lined cloud in the golden-glowing skyGolden-glowing skyWillow tree silhouettedMolten metal skyBurning clouds in a pinkish skyMolten metal cloudsSoftly pencil-rimmed cloudBright-rimmed cloud in a dreamy skyMisty distant hillMisty distant hill2One last picture of the golden sky and golden-lined cloud