Morning glories

September 3, 2008 By admin | Filed Under flowers, nature | Comments Off on Morning glories 

Way too many pictures of my morning glories. But they were crying out to me, asking to be photographed!

Glacier Star morning glory vine reaching out, trying to find something to twist aroundEarly Call dark purple bloom, really close upEarly Call dark purple bloomDark purple Early Call morning glory bloomClose up of Early Call dark purple bloomEarly Call dark purple bloom close upEarly Call pink bloomEarly Call dark purple bloom upward facingEarly Call dark purple bloom profileGlacier Star vine going up the gateEarly Call purple white-lined two flowersEarly Call leaf with two flowersEarly Call purple white-lined flower close-up2Early Call purple white-lined flower close-upEarly Call poor beat-up white-rimmed pink-throated blueEarly Call vine tenderly working upwardEarly Call leaf close-upEarly Call poor beat-up white-rimmed pink-throated blue2Glacier Star vine reaching outGlacier Star vine going up the gateGlacier Star morning glories working up towards gateGlacier Star morning glories starting to climb up the gateGlacier Star morning glory vines on the left side of the gateGrandpa Otts close-up4Grandpa Otts single bloom7Grandpa Otts single bloom vertical4Grandpa Otts close-up crinklyGrandpa Otts blooming on the other side of the fence2Grandpa Otts blooming upward2 verticalGrandpa Otts close-up5Grandpa Otts close-up bloom profile2Grandpa Otts close-up profileGrandpa Otts upward bloom close-upGrandpa Otts two blooms horizontal3They only look this bright when the sun is shining directly behind them.Grandpa Otts crinkly close-upGrandpa Otts single bloomGrandpa Otts very purply close-upGlacier Star vines near the end of the fence verticalGlacier Star vines curling around poleGlacier Star vines reaching out verticalGrandpa Otts crinkly bloom in focusA more zoomed-out view of the morning glories on the left side section of fenceGrandpa Otts proliferations of blooms vertical2Grandpa Otts proliferations of blooms vertical closer-inGrandpa Otts proliferations of blooms vertical1Grandpa Otts proliferations of morning glories closer inGrandpa Otts single bloom5Grandpa Otts tangle of vinesGrandpa Otts tangle of vines two bloomsGrandpa Otts morning glory looks earlier in the morningGrandpa Otts close-up8 more bluishGrandpa Otts flower clusters more blueGrandpa Otts two bloom vertical2Grandpa Otts tangle of vines one wrapped around another single bloomGrandpa Otts bloom profileGrandpa Otts1Grandpa Otts close-up2Grandpa Otts cloom with large Glacier Star leaf underneathGrandpa Otts two blooms facing each other bluishGrandpa Otts two blooms horizontalGrandpa Ott’s close-up3Grandpa Otts blooming on the other side of the fenceMorning glory vines morning glory looking upwardGrandpa Otts two bloomsGrandpa Otts vines and bloomsGrandpa Otts single bloom profile verticalThis is up near the top of the Grandpa Ott’s morning glories that grew quite thickly on the right side of the gate.Grandpa Otts blooming down near the bottom where the chicks get fedGrandpa Otts two blooms verticalThis is one of my favorite photos of the Grandpa Ott’s.Grandpa Otts single bloom2Grandpa Otts single bloom8 bright purpleGrandpa Otts two blooms horizontal2Grandpa Otts vine crawling up fence dusky morning3Grandpa Otts vine crawling up fence dusky morning4Grandpa Otts tangle of vines two blooms2Grandpa Otts single bloom4 light and bright pur
pleGrandpa Otts again