Pictures of me chasing Deirdre and other things April 2008

March 4, 2009 By admin | Filed Under Family, Farm Life, nature, People 

By Owen.
These are nice pictures, aren’t they? Actully, Cadie took ’em. Good for her. They are nice pictures. I’m chasing Deirdre in some of those. I like chasing people. Call me weird, but It’ll just make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. There is dad, working in the garden. Oh yeah, these pictures are really from April 2008. Back then we had ducks, but they got out of the fence that needed repairing at the time. They found our “flood blocker pond” that was full at the time. As I recall we left ’em out (not that it was much of a diffrence from being IN the fence, but..) and some animal got ’em. oh well! We don’t have good property for ducks. We need a pond, not a puddle! To give you an idea how busted the fence was, look at the picture of caleb and the chickens! In the last picture, caleb is playing with clay.


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