My latest photos

Well, here is my first post on my brand-new blog! Not much happened today, except that I got my film back in the mail. I was surprised how quickly they developed it; Clark, the company that I developed them with, sent me an e-mail both when they received it and when they shipped it, and both were on April 1st. I didn’t think they’d get it developed until at least the next day!

Most of them were not of very good quality. The main problem was that my camera tends to focus on the opposite thing I want it to, so when I get up close to objects they look blurry while the things in the background look sharp. I had purposely got up close to take a photo of the snowdrops in the Secret Garden, so that you could see them in more detail. But then when I got the photos back, they looked like blurry blobs, while the brush in the background was clear and sharp as anything.

But I did get a couple of good ones. I got one of Deirdre lifting up her shirt and looking down with curiosity at her belly button, which made Mom laugh when she saw it. Ever since Titi showed Deirdre her belly button, Deirdre has been fascinated by them and is always trying to look at it, or get you to show her yours by pulling on your shirt and going, "Uh? Uh?" I felt very lucky to have mangaged to capture the moment–going by Murphy’s law, whenever I get out the camera, the little kid has stopped doing whatever I wanted to take a picture of. The same was true for this time–I thought, "Oh! That would make a funny picture!" and got out the camera, but she had stopped by then. But then, by some miraculous chance, she did it again and I managed to take a picture before her interest moved on to some other thing.

Other favorites were some other ones of Deirdre, grinning (it was pretty easy to get those ones–although you can’t make Deirdre smile for a picture, if she’s in a good mood she’ll beam at you at the drop of a hat) and ones of Dad and Deirdre together.