I’ve had enough apples

The day after we did all that applesauce, a local farmer hired me to pick up apples off the ground for him. Sounds easy, but he had a million apples.

If his cows ate too many apples, the apples would ferment in the cows stomachs, making them very, very sick. Sick enough to die. Since cows are very expensive, it was quite worth the cost of hiring me, despite the fact that it took me 5 hours just to thin out the apples. It would have taken me forever to get them all. Golf ball sized apples just covered the ground, all over. He had many trees, and most had as many apples in the trees as were on the ground.

I had two 2-3 gallon buckets to fill with apples. There were so many apples I could just bend over and scoop with both hands. Scoop and dump, scoop and dump, over and over for what seemed like forever. Once the buckets were full, I had to walk through mud and swamp water to the edge of the fence and dump them. The mud sucks at your feet so bad sometimes.

Then I start over again. I’m young and relatively healthy, but bending over 90+ degrees picking apples all afternoon was enough to give me a sore back and make me thoroughly sick of apples.

Oh well. It was a beautiful day, so I shouldn’t complain too much.