The Bread Freak

As anyone who spends practically any time around Rundy knows, Rundy is a total bread freak. He loves bread. He eats it all the time. He was the one who got us started on making our own bread.

Yesterday, one of my loaves of bread was sticking the pan, and I was having a real hard time getting it out. It finally got to the point I was contemplating cutting the loaf in half in the pan, and then prying it out. Rundy was horrified! So he came over to help get it out–he put on the hot mitts, flipped the pan upside down, and gave it several hard whacks. The loaf did finally come out.

“There, see? I got it out with minimal damage.”

I looked at the pan, which now looked like someone had just gotten done jumping up and down on it–it was quite dented and rathered caved inward on the bottom.

“You mean the bread, right, not the pan?”

“Yeah! Of course!”

Okay, so it was a hot aluminum pan. Lachlan bent it back into shape with his bare hands. But still, you can see where his priorities lie!