Project #1

I just finished the big project of sorting through coats. Just how big was this project? Well, when I was done, I brought 7 lawn-and-leaf sized bags full of coats and jackets to our local clothing bank–twice. Yes, twice. The first time, I brought them to their location only a few miles away, right on Route 79, behind the old Charlotte Kenyon school building. But when I walked in the door with the first bag of clothes, they said, “Sorry, we’re not taking any donations.” Wha-a-a???” It turns out they were moving that weekend. So, I went home, unloaded them all out of the car (with help), stacked them in the laundry room for a week, and then drove 20 minutes to their new location, where they gratefully accepted the clothes. I’m going to miss having the clothing bank so close by. It makes it a lot more tempting to just throw the clothes out.