Project #2

Yesterday I cleaned up my side of the bedroom. Winter clothes in the drawers, summer clothes packed away. Got rid of all the boxes I was saving (to wrap birthday presents in) except the shoeboxes and some boxes I think I can hold magazines. Still an awful lot of papers and catalogs to take care of. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a lateral file cabinet. Today I sorted through a huge pile of clothes given to us from various sources, including 6 bags just received at Thanksgiving. (Marianne, I don’t need clothes for Deirdre after all.) Used some of the boxes I kicked out of my room yesterday to box up clothes for the middle boys (Collin, Evan & Justin) and Deirdre to grow into. A small pile for the big girls, a small pile for the big boys, and a few odds and ends. Now all that’s left on “my” chair in the living room is a box of homeschooling “to-do” and a box of my colchicum books and papers. I still haven’t finished posting on all my colchicum varieties, the last one of which finished blooming weeks ago. Yes, all this organizing takes a bite out of my blogging time, and my “hits” keep going down.