Deirdre’s hair keeps getting longer and longer. Being the one in charge of haircuts, I made the executive decision that Deidre was going to grow her bangs out. This, of course, means that her bangs are usually in her eyes right about now. She has her own stubborn opinions about her hair. You brush the hair out of her eyes; she determinedly brushes the hair back in. You put a barrett in her hair, she pu-u-ulls it right out (along with a few hairs, and a sqinch-eyed look). The one agreement we can usually come to is—Tony Tails!!

The first couple of times I put them in, she wasn’t too sure about it. But, since it was universally decided they made her look cute, and she decided she liked being cute, she accepted them. It went like this: I, being the wonderful big sister that I was, put the ponytails into the squirming little girl. Then I said, “There, go show Lachlach! Go show Lachlach your ponytails!” So she doubtfully walked off to find Lachlach.

“Tony-tails.” She said faintly, one hand on either ponytail.

“Tony-tails!” Skreched Lachlach, grinning hugely and pointing at her.

“Aren’t they cute, Lachlach?” I subtly prompt him.

“Yes! They’re very cute! Dear-duh looks very cute!”

“Cute!” Deirdre says quite firmly, obviously satisfied.

“Now go show Mommy!”

“Mommy!” And away she toddles to go show Mommy, and be properly admired by her. Once everyone had their turns to be able to shower praises on her, she pulled them out. Sigh.

But, she really does like them. Now when I put them in her hair, she likes to walk around the house, one hand flipping one pony-tail, the other hand flipping the other pony-tail singing “To-ny tails, To-ny tails!” with the goofiest grin you ever saw on her face.