May Weather

It’s May now, and the the weather is beautiful. It’s starting to really
feel like spring. I know it’s been spring for a while now, but somehow it seemed like to me that something more had to happen for it to really feel like spring, although I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I realized it was the trees and all the other green things leafing out that I missed. When I went up in the
woods, in a way there was still the same dry, barren feeling as there was in
winter; just bare stalks of trees sticking up into the sky.

But now, finally, leaves are just starting to open up on the trees and bushes. The leaves on the bushes in the Secret Garden (that’s what we call the shrubs/trees area near our house) are fresh and new, and the trees on the hill look like they’re just about to burst into greeness.

There is a fringe of light green across most of the hill, the leaves barely opened; all the rest of the trees are red with buds. The air outside feels soft and fresh, and smells good, with that "spring smell". When I go take a walk, it’s no longer just rocks and trees and sky to look at. Now all the bushes you walk past are green with newly-opened leaves, and if you look close you can see a wildflower blooming here or there down in the grass as well. There is water going down the stream at the edge of our property; not rushing like it does when the snow melts, just a gentle, relaxing sound of water running in the distance.

It seems there’s always another thing to look forward to in spring. I like waiting for the different things that I think of as sort of "benchmarks" of spring. Toward the end of winter, you usually just want spring to hurry up and come. But what counts as spring? The first "benchmark" to wait for, so to speak, is just for it to get a little warmer and the snow to melt. Then, soon after–or before–the snowdrops will bloom. The next thing I eagerly await is the arrival of the spring peepers (that’s when most of us consider it officially spring!) Then sometime (I’m not sure if it’s usually before or after the peepers come) the crocuses will bloom, in March–then the daffodils in April, and violets and dandelions and lilac bushes in May. And mixed in with these at various points, you’ll see flocks of geese flying in the sky, and the birds and animals will be coming back. Each month brings a little bit more of spring, and then when it seems like it’s finally fully spring, you realize it’s summer!

May is always greeted by a swarm of dandelions at first–it seems like almost on the first day of May, they all immediately burst into bloom. The amount of birds is at its peak in late April-early May, a fact I try to take advantage of, and it seems like almost all of the wildflowers bloom then as well. Most of them I don’t know the name of, but I do know that there is a kind of flower called gaywings blooming up in the woods. And, of course, I know violets. There are profusions of them in various places right now.

May is one of my favorite months. It seems like it is the peak of spring, and it’s full of things happening.