What noise frogs and rabbits make

Titi was brushing out Deirdre’s hair. Deirdre said that she was a frog (she likes to pretend she’s some animal or other) who said, “Friggit-froggit! Friggit-froggit!” I decided to inform her of what noise frogs really make. “You know what noise frogs really truly supposedly make?” (Titi made a sort of half-snort at the way I phrased it.)


“They go “Ribbit! Ribbit!”

“Wew, I say dey go Fwiggit-Fwoggit, Fwiggit-Fwoggit,” Deirdre asserted. “Bunny wabbits go Wibbit-Wabbit.”

“Yeah,” I mused, “Collin and the little kids used to always think that frogs went ‘Friggit-Froggit’ and rabbits went ‘Ribbit, ribbit.’”

“She knows the traditions!” Mom said. “But really truly,” I stated again for Deirdre’s information, “People say that frogs go ‘ribbit!’ and bunny rabbits just don’t say anything.”

But she was not to be deterred from her quite sensible idea of what noise animals make. “No, wibbit-wabbits go Wibbit-Wabbit, Wibbit-Wabbit!” she insisted.

It’s very logical, you know; Ribbit-Rabbits go “Ribbit-Rabbit”, and Friggit Froggits, as the little kids sometimes call frogs, go “Friggit-Froggit”!

“Following this logic, one would think chickens go Chicket-Chucket, Chicket-Chucket,” Titi said. “

Well, Deirdre knew that was nonsense. “No dey don’t, dey go (she threw back her head to give a mimickry of a rooster crowing) ‘Er-ee-ER-ERRRRR!’” Technically, chickens cluck, but everyone knows crowing is more fun!

Earlier on while Titi was brushing her hair, Deirdre told Titi that she was very cute. Hmm…getting a little vain, perhaps? “Oh really! Who said that?” Titi inquired. “Oh…Temmy just readed it somewhere,” Deirdre explained.