A Fun Toy Soldier Game

Dictated by Owen (7)

I like to play toy soldier games. What’s fun about playing toy soldier games is to build a big base and kill the enemy. Also, what you could build is Radar-Jammers and they make it so your radar can’t see the enemy’s base. One time me and Evan and Coll-Coll and Caleb all played a toy soldier game.

First we started out with little trucks as our builders. Then we make them build things that are: mines are solar panels. Why we have to build them is so we can build heavy tanks and infantry. Then we build things like radar so we can see where our enemy is. I was getting tons of tanks and I allied with Collin and Caleb.

And then Evan flew over with an airplane and–“Tat-tat-tat!”–shot Caleb’s buildings. Then Caleb said, “I don’t know what to do! I don’t have any air turrets!” And then I tried to come to Caleb’s defense with my infantry to shoot the airplane down. But Evan’s airplane flew away too fast.

Me and Caleb attacked Evan’s base together. Blam, blam, bang, bang, how we fought! Evan’s tanks shot me and Caleb’s infantries. Me and Caleb’s infantries got really bad killed by Evan’s tanks. But then my laser tanks and my heavy tanks shot Evan’s tanks–“Kabloomie!” Evan’s tanks got blewen (blown) up.

Then I regathered up my force and me and Collin attacked! Collin’s artillery shelled Evan’s turrets. We made lots of sound effects as we blew up each other’s stuff. It’s something different than those sound effects I was making, I just couldn’t write them down.

Evan’s laser turrets shot back, hurting Collin’s tanks. They got them a little bit, but Evan’s turrets weren’t such good aim so they missed some. My tanks shot Evan’s infantry and tanks. Evan’s few infantry and few tanks left over tried to shoot me and Collin’s tanks, pretty successfully actually, and most of my tanks were killed–only Collin’s heavy tanks were left, because he had a building that could upgrade his tanks and he [maybe meant to say ‘IÂ’] didn’t. Collin’s tanks got killed eventually.

All that time, I was trying to build as many tanks as I could, intending them to go over and destroy the rest of Evan’s army and base. We beat Evan in the end, and we all had fun.