Some Things About Deirdre

Dictated by Owen (7)

Deirdre likes to play with toys. She likes to play dolls and things. She likes to make them suck on pacifiers and she carries them around and doesn’t want anybody to hurt her babies. Deirdre always wants to join our game, but we say, “No, Deirdre, you can’t play our game, this game we already have enough people to play it, and we can’t have anybody else to.” When that happens, she just says “Oh” and toddles away kind of disappointed. One of Deirdre’s favorite games is to pretend she’s owner of doggies and me and Caleb are the doggies. She says, “Doggies, let’s go on a walk.”

I like to hold Deirdre and pat her little belly, and she likes to snuggle. And I think it’s very funny of how she talks. She talks in a kind of “wobbly-wobbly”, back-and-forth way.

One time she was very scared of this dried-up glue. It was a big amount of some kind of dried up glue laying around. She ran around, screaming around, and fell into my arms, and held me tight! And I said, “What’s the matter Deirdre, what’s the matter?”

“I’m scared!” she said.

And I said, “What are you scared of?”

She said, “I’m scared of that thing over there!”

At first I couldn’t see what she was talking about, but then I went over and saw it was just dried-up glue. Then she started going “Aaah!” and clutched onto me again really hard.