How Funny Can it Get?

Justin had found some little pair of glasses laying around. Being very bored, he tried them on for play and started making faces. “See, Cadie?” he said with a big grin. That got some giggles out of the little kids–Justy looked so weird.

Then Owen tried them on, and went marching into the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. He had his arm crossed, and looked like he was trying to make an “important” looking face, although it looked more like he was suppressing giggles. Owen makes faces all the time without even trying to. It obviously amused him greatly to be wearing glasses.

He looked in the mirror and (you guessed it) burst out laughing. No small giggles, either–all the built-up suspense came bursting out in Owen’s most extreme Giggles of Gusto.

He has different levels of laughter. There’s his Basic Giggles when he finds something amusing, which varies, but I will characterize as: “Tih-hih hih!” (“Hih” is meant to be pronounced like “him” without the “m”.) Then there’s his Prolonged Giggles when he finds something highly amusing: several rounds of “Tih-hih-hih!”‘s, with a continued tumbling string of giggles added on, increasing in pitch. The final level which he attains to, Hysterical Giggles, is when he is laughing so hard that all the little kids forget what they were laughing about originally and start laughing about how funny Owen looks/sounds instead. “DIH, HIH, HIH, HIH, HIH–“, he is giggling, with each breath of the laughter pumped out with such force it sounds like he’s going to get a hernia just laughing.

This laughter now started out on Hysterical and only went on from there. I myself did not find the sight of him with glasses on that hilarious, but once he started laughing so hard I just couldn’t keep from laughing along with him. Every time he saw his face in the mirror, it added fuel to his giggles. Since he kept looking in the mirror, it kept mounting up; the fuel got to overloading, and the Giggle Engine could hardly keep up! I had to keep him from falling in the toilet, as he nearly sat down into it in his uncontrollable mirth. He let himself collapse on the floor to finish his laughing. . .and laughing–and laughing–and laughing, without taking a breath. It reminded me very much of when Evan was his age and had similar laughing spells. But EvanÂ’s laughter was always high-pitched and boinged up and down and all over the place. His laughter was so extreme I almost asked him, “Are you all right?” before I remembered that he was just laughing.

Of course they had to have everyone else try on the glasses as well. Evan, earlier, had been making “roll-your-eyes” types of expressions at OwenÂ’s exaggerated mirth, but he did come to see me put on the glasses. There was a little bit of a delayed reaction when I put on the glasses. Then Owen exclaimed, “You look like Titi!, and I grinned one of my big goofy grins. That did it–they all doubled over in laughter, Evan included. The sight I made with glasses on struck his funny bone. For just a minute, when I looked so startlingly unusual

When Collin came by, Owen and Caleb ran out to him to get him to join in on the fun. Owen said breathlessly, “Collin, weÂ’ve all been trying on these glasses! See, look, here they are on Caleb!” They all tried them on again for Collin, who was mildly amused. Justin trying them on again seemed to evince the least reaction from everybody. It just didnÂ’t seem to change his face as much as it did for everyone else. He just looked like Justin with glasses on, and not much more. Then it was Collin’s turn. “LetÂ’s see how funny Collin will look!” one of the little kids said, and they all waited in breathless anticipation for him to put them on. They stopped him as he began to. “Try them on in bathroom, so you can see how you look!” they urged.

“Oh, alright.”

I didnÂ’t bother to follow (I was cooking supper), but I could tell how Collin rated on the Funny-ness Scale from the kitchen. I saw them all huddled around the mirror, and CollinÂ’s arms go up as he put them on. Then he started to laugh. I knew if Collin found it funny, the little kids would certainly also; and sure enough, there was an explosion of riotous laughter from the little kids. Collin put his face near to theirs, bugging out his eyes at them, making them burst into ever harder peals of laughter.

Later on, Owen and Caleb were making faces into the mirror. I wasn’t there to witness it, but Owen told me all about it. He came downstairs with a laughter-flushed face and said, “Hey Cadie, don’t you think this face is funny?” He pulled up the corners of his mouth and pushed down his eyebrows over his eyes. He seemed surprised when I didn’t fall over laughing. “Huh–it’s surprising you don’t think it’s funny! Me and Caleb were making faces like that upstairs, and we were LAUGHING and LAUGHING, and ‘crash!’ falling over, and rolling all around, ‘cause we thought it was so funny!”