A Fun Game Where Collin Was Chasing Us

Dictated by Caleb, age 5

Me, Coll Coll, Justin, Owen, and Evan played a game. Is what the game was, is Owen was getting chased by Coll-Coll. Then me, then I helped Owen. Then Justy started helping Owen fight Coll-Coll. And then Evey came and started helping Coll-Coll fight Owen and Justin and me.

And we were guarding the place–the porch steps. Justy was at the enclosed porch door outside. And I was guarding the front doorway, and Owen was scouting out and figuring out what was happening. I was guarding the door to make sure Collin didn’t come out. And he (Owen) figured out that Evan allied with Coll-Collin.

And one time me and Owen–all by ourselves, when Justy and Evan didn’t come–we were saying, “Safety walking along,” and singing that little song, until Collin jumped out and got us. Owen started saying it first, and then I started saying it too. He (Collin) was chasing us all around the house. And another time I was saying it again, and Owen wasn’t, and I think I heard Coll-Coll say, “Do-o-n’t say thatÂ…” Then I said it again. I said, “Safety walking alongÂ…” We were basically just saying, “Coll-Coll, you can’t catch us.” That’s basically what we meant.

And then Coll-Coll hided himself behind the jeep, and then he jumped out while we were saying, “Safety walking along”. I got really scared. I went “Yiiikes”, more like, “Yeh-huh!” And he chased us all around the house, and I dropped my sword and ran around the house. Because then I thought I could run faster, and I was trying to run faster, and faster! And then he–I think he went back in the house. And one time we said, “Coll-CollÂ…You aren’t in the backhallway, are you?” And he didn’t answer us, and that time I think he jumped out from behind the jeep.

One time in the game Evey went around the fort and Coll-Coll was in the lilac bushes, and I was always dodging so he couldn’t get me. And then Coll-Coll shot Evey, and Coll-Coll said, “Evey, you’re dead!” And Evey said, “Coll-Coll, you always hide there!” after that. Evan hided in the lilac bushes, too. Justy was going near the fort, too, and one time right, right before Dad called us in for Bible reading, Evan ran up to the pond and hided to play another game. And then Owen went to find him.

And another time Evey said, “Bang!–I think he said Bang, Bang!” and then he said, “You’re dead, Caleb!” And I said, “I was already dead, I was going someplace else to come back alive.” And after Evey said “Coll-Coll, you always hide there,” the game stopped being as fun, so I stopped playing it. And Dad called us in for Bible reading. And that was the end of the game.