Caleb Says Funny Things

Sometimes Caleb says kind of funny things. Today at the supper table Caleb told me, "Everybody else looks good with their ears except for me."

"What do you mean, everybody looks good with their ears except for you?" I asked him.

"I mean," he said, looking up at me and smiling a little, "Everybody else looks good with their ears on except for me. I mean, mine look all humpy-out."

I couldn’t resist the chance to say, "Oh, does that mean we should chop yours off? Then you’d be more handsome!"

"No, that wouldn’t be good," he murmured, grinning because I was teasing him, and added sagely, "You don’t have to be handsome."

The other night, as he was at the sink getting ready for bed, he asked me, "Right Cadie, there’s more cold water than hot?"

I asked him what he meant. I thought he was probably thinking that because our faucet takes a while to get hot, so I explained to him how the water in the pipes gets cold, so all the cold water has to run out before we get to the hot. "You get hot water by heating up cold water," I told him. "So what do you mean, is there more cold water than hot?"

"I mean–Right it always rains cold water?"

"Right," I confirmed. "’Cause one time," he explained, "outside, in that, you know that bucket that’s orange on the outside and white on the inside–well it was filled up with water, and it was kind of hottish." I said that probably the sun heated it up. (I didn’t finish writing this at the time, so I can’t remember for sure what he said, or I said after that. He might’ve actually said that the bucket had cold water in it.)