Hottest Day of the Year?

I kept hearing on the radio today how hot it was going to get today–they were predicting it to be a record-breaking high. Still going to be hot and humid, they said–really hot, into the low nineties!

I thought all that rather strange. They were acting like, for one thing, that in the low nineties was unusually hot. Normally I would think the same, but it has begun to seem common-place now. Except for a few cool spells, almost all of the days since June have been in the nineties, according to our thermometer.

The other thing was that they were calling the predicted temperature record-breaking, maybe the hottest day of the year. The days I would’ve thought were record breaking were the days our wireless thermometer read 99 degrees–99.9 degrees, one day! Were they saying it was going to get hotter than that? They were saying that the humidity would be so bad that it would feel more like 110 degrees.

But that sounded like a description of how the weather used to be, not the turn it has taken lately. Granted, it used to be so humid and hot that you’d pour sweat no matter what you were doing. But several days ago the humidity dropped off, and the weather has been, comparitively, quite pleasant.

One thing that we have noticed–Titi and I, in particular–is that whatever the temperature is predicted to be on the internet or radio for or area, ours gets roughly 10 degrees warmer in summer, and 10 degrees colder in winter. Whether that has something to do with our thermometer (which is in the shade) or our location (we’re in a valley of sorts) is a matter of opinion, although tend to think the latter. So maybe when it was 99 degrees at our house it was only 89 elsewhere.

Following that line of reasoning, when they said it was going to get into the low nineties, you’d expect it to get in the hundred’s here. Today got down to the low 50’s, so that hardly seemed likely, but I watched the thermometer nonetheless to see if there would be some sudden jump of temperature. I also glanced at the hill opposite our house every now and again to check how humid it was. When it gets really humid, the hill is so hazy it almost looks white.

But there was nothing out of the ordinary. The temperature hung around the low nineties for the most part, like yesterday, and the hill was only slightly hazy. It did finally get up to 97, though, which I suppose is near one hundred. In fact, when you think about it, that really is blazingly hot–but it still seemed too ordinary for all the hype. (That’s probably the wrong word, but I can’t think of the right one.)

It won’t seem record-breaking to me until it breaks one hundred.