Day One

I’m calling this Day One because this is the first day we are all sleeping in our new, temporary quarters. I spent the day packing my gardening books and magazines. All day long, Rundy and Lachlan moved furniture downstairs and into storage. All the clothes dressers are stored in the enclosed porch, still accessible. Tonight I’ll be sleeping on my own mattress and box spring, but in the living room. The kids will be sleeping on their own mattresses, but crammed into two eight-person tents outside.

I never dreamed the entire contents of the second floor could be stored elsewhere on our property in such a way that we could still function, but, by golly, it seems Rundy has managed to pull it off.

Three days of packing and poor sleep have taken their toll. Tonight I am so exhausted I can hardly see straight. Decided to renew all the library books online and skip our usual Wednesday trip to the library.