Demolition Day

In the morning there were still last minute things to move out, the odd box and most of the carpets, but by noon Rundy and Lachlan were pounding out the ceilings. I took the younger children with me on several errands, one of which was to return a quilting hoop to a friend. She gave me two loaves of zucchini bread as her contribution to “the cause.”

By the time I got home, it was time to start cooking supper, which we agreed should be cooked outdoors because of the dust. It was about this time that the upstairs activity switched from demolition to rubble removal. As I prepared dinner in the side yard, I observed a steady stream of my offspring hauling utility buckets full of plaster and lath emerge from the kitchen door. I was glad I wasn’t trying to cook dinner in the kitchen with a constant parade of workers coming through, and I was very thankful my children worked so hard and so well together. It was truly teamwork.