I am getting behind

I am getting behind . . . in everything: these entries, household bookkeeping, homeschooling, insurance paperwork, laundry–almost all of it has to do with paper, somehow. I would like to upload photos as the work progresses, and I haven’t even started that.

Lots of water damage in the tents from the past two days of rain. Almost all the mattresses got wet, two expensive homeschooling books got soaked, and lots of clothing. Very depressing. I hope once the beds are dried out, they won’t smell.

The first floor is getting rather cluttered. Some of this is unavoidable–it’s hard to ignore a full size mattress and box spring in the living room–but items of clothing keep accumulating here and there, and no one knows whose pants/shirt/socks they are. I don’t even know how to keep on top of it all. Sometimes I just wander around, glassy-eyed, certain there is some urgent task that needs doing but unable to remember what it is. Eventually my eye will light on something and I’ll realize, “Oh, I know where that goes!” or, “I know where I could put that!”

I spent today figuring out what we needed from our neighborhood food co-op and writing up the order. I also updated our family calendar with Ivan’s new appointments and Lachlan’s days off of school. He went to the orientation for his trade school (computer repair) course. I did my exercise biking, folded my laundry and got several young boys to put away their clean laundry. I still have Deirdre’s laundry to put away.