Life has changed

As I’ve been working on the grocery list, I’ve been thinking about how our daily routines have changed. For example, I’ve changed some of the ground rules for meal planning, since everyone (above a certain age) at home is physically working hard. The first changed rule is: no vegetarian suppers. Meat for every dinner. I’m also planning more desserts because the workers are burning lots of calories, and, let’s face it, dessert is a morale builder. It’s hard to know which days will seem like bummers, but I have a pretty good idea of which suppers need “supplementation.” I’m also trying to make lunches more substantial as well.

Since neither Teman nor his father have been going to work, no one has been getting up as early as we normally do. Our meals have been later, especially our evening meal, and bedtime has wound up being later for most of us as well. In general, it seems like our whole schedule has shifted an hour and a half, and we are more synchronized as well. That is to say, normally some of us get up quite early and some of us get up, well, they are getting up and eating breakfast about when the early birds are ready for snack! And then the late risers go to bed quite a bit later, too. But these days we are all closer to the same rising and retiring times.