The Work Doesn’t Stop When the Sun Goes Down

It’s 8:44 pm as I’m writing this and dark outside. Teman and Collin are unloading 50 sheets of blueboard off of Teman’s trailer. They are passing them up to the porch roof to Rundy and Lachlan. Those two boys are pulling each sheet out of Teman’s and Collin’s hands, walking it along the porch roof and then through the one window opening that has yet to be filled with its new window. (The window has been left out precisely for this purpose.) Then they stack it in one of the rooms so it can be used as needed. Believe it or not, this is easier than trying to carry each sheet into the house and negotiating it up the stairs. (If you have ever seen our stairway, you would have no trouble believing it.)

Blueboard is a type of sheetrock designed to take a skim coat of plaster. Teman figured we needed about 100 sheets of it, and he managed to get a better price than what Lowe’s sold it for, because when he was working up his estimates he had gotten a quote from a different store and they would still honor it.

Today they got the ceiling insulated and they covered the windows with plastic in preparation for the plastering. Ivan finally found the short in his wiring last night, after a very tedious process of elimination, and tonight he wired the circuits into the circuit breaker box. Tomorrow they will start actually putting up the blueboard. That will be exciting, because the rooms will actually have walls again and we’ll get a sense of what the finished product will be like.