Interior Decoration

I have lived for years with peeling wallpaper and crumbling plaster, and I’ve scarcely been conscious of the lack of decor. But being asked what color I want to paint my bedroom throws me into a state of panic. I have to make a decision! And it might be the wrong one! What am I going to do? Once I’m done hyperventilating, I realize I won’t be creating a decorating scheme ex nihilo.
I already know the centerpiece of my bedroom will be the quilt Titi made us for our silver wedding anniversary–when she’s done quilting it, that is. And this quilt is in a thousand shades of blue, all of which I love, so how can I go wrong? Furthermore, I drink tea every day out of a blue-and-white china cup that my DH bought for me at the grocery store for a very reasonable price, and every day when I see that cup it makes me happy. So I will paint my walls white, and the trim will be the blue of the china cup. Only–what do paint companies call my favorite shade of blue?