Pressure is Mounting

The workers seem a bit unhappier today. Perhaps it is because the work is a lot more fiddly now. They are trying to cover the ceilings with blueboard and the house beams are irregularly shaped, making it difficult to make the sheets join together seamlessly. DH is working on the exterior of the house, attempting to patch the areas around the windows so that the weather can’t get in and the windows don’t look like an afterthought.

Perhaps they also feel a greater sense of time pressure these days. Sunshine is predicted for the forseeable future, which is good for those sleeping in the tents, but not so good for the water table. But besides the desire to be back to sleeping in one’s own room in one’s own bed, there is an urgency to buy all remaining supplies as soon as possible, as prices on all construction materials seem to be rising daily, thanks to the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. And yet, no one wants to buy in haste and repent in leisure. Furthermore, sometimes a certain amount of work must be completed before the purchaser knows what else needs to be bought, and in what amounts.

There is also great debate about the plastering. Rundy wanted to try this after seeing it in a neighbor’s house (and being encouraged by same handy neighbor to try it). It is a skim coat of plaster over blueboard, and it avoids all the taping and spackling and sanding of dry wall, but . . . how hard is it to do? How much practice before one can apply it well? Should we use the two-coat method or the one-coat method? Add sand or not? How difficult is it to maintain? Why did said handy neighbor pick this week to go out of town on vacation? What are we getting ourselves into? Will we regret it? Stay tuned, as our intrepid laborers find the answers to these questions and many more!