More of the same

I was just too exhausted last night to write anything. Two weeks ago yesterday the walls came down. Today Titi could have painted her new sewing room if the paint had been purchased (which it hasn’t, yet) and if she hadn’t been working on the rest of the plastering with Teman and Rundy. Yesterday they put up more blueboard (which is actually a dark grey, almost black) and cleaned up the girls’ room, and didn’t get started plastering the girls’ bedroom till about 4pm. They were up until midnight, breaking for dinner after the ceiling was done and before they did the walls. Today they are doing the boys’ bedroom, which is the largest room up there. It looks like they will soon be done with the ceiling, say by 6:30pm. I can’t imagine how late they’ll be up if they try to do all four walls tonight.

I guess they’ve got it down to a system, where Teman does the scratch coat, Rundy does the finish coat, Titi does the corners and Cadie sponges away the worst of the trowel marks. The resulting walls are very white. They do have subtle trowel marks, but it is surprising how smooth the walls feel. Supposedly they disappear even more if painted with semi-gloss paint. I’ll let you know.