Yes, we’re painting now! Sunday was the last day of plastering, which Arlie helped with. He only comes home on Sundays, but has been helping out any way he can. That is an encouragement to all of us, to have reinforcements on occasion. On Monday I could definitely feel the difference emotionally. There was a lightness, a sense of relief. The plastering part of this project was full of deadlines, mess and opportunities for failure. Every morning of the plastering work, I’d go up and view last night’s progress, always relieved to find out that, not only did it not look too bad, it looked pretty good! I’m sure the plasterers themselves felt that way when they finished every night.

Monday morning all the plasterers slept in. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up all the plastering equipment and generally getting ready for painting. Then the sewing room and the girls’ bedroom were primed. Today those two rooms were painted and the floor laid down in the master bedroom. Titi is ambivalent about the yellow she picked out for the sewing room, and Cadie thinks the blue she picked out looks much darker on the wall than it does in the can (or on the paint chip for that matter). But we’ll have to wait to see how each of these rooms looks with furniture and window treatments.

After the walls and ceilings are done, we’ll have to deal with the floors. Beneath the second-hand carpets and the faux-wood-floor linoleum, we have rough, variable width plank floors, except in the hallway, which has a nice, finished wood floor similar to what is in our living room and dining room. In the sewing room, girls’ bedroom, and boys’ bedroom, they are going to rent a sander and finish the floors with varnish. This did not appeal to my DH. I know what he really wanted was a nice finished wood floor, but it’s way out of our budget. So we are putting down plywood underlayment and painting it the same color as the trim, a deep blue.