Cram and Stuff

In general, our per capita square footage is pretty small. To put it another way, we cram a lot of bodies in a small space, at least by American standards. We have been thinking of ways to build in storage and eliminate furniture (mostly dressers) as much as possible. DH is designing a platform bed for us that would allow us to store our clothes below and above the sleeping part. Rundy will be building a new bunk bed for the girls, and at least modifying the ones in the boys’ room. He also has “a plan” for eliminating dressers in their room and consolidating clothes storage. And he wants to build a half-height bookcase in place of a railing around the stairs in the hallway. All of these things will take time and money, which both DH and Rundy are running out of. It may slow down the final completion of the project.