The ‘Gorilla Wrestle’ and Other Things

By Caleb, age 5

Me and Owen and Justin and Evan were playing a wrestling game. And we were wrestling a lot, very toughly. And then Evan asked Collin to come play a wrestling game called Gorilla with them. And then one time while I was fighting, I was fighting Coll-coll, and then Deirdre came in and I fighted her. And Owen came and stole her away to give her a piggy back ride! And I flipped over and said, “Oh, I give up, never mind” or something like that. Deirdre was beating me! She was going, “Rarr, rarrr,” and pinching me not too hard, and pulling me down. “To the dirt with you,” she said. That’s something that Collin and Owen and Evan and Justin and me always say. And we were having fun.

And then a while after that, I slided on the slide and bumped against the slide and flipped over onto the ground, not on the cushion. Later I watched Collin juggle clubs, 3 clubs, and then he asked me, “Want to see how hard it is to juggle 1 club?” and I said, “Sure,” and then I catched it once. And then I tried it more, and then it hit my head, and I said, “It hit my head now, I’m going to go inside.” And Rundy laughed, and Lachlan said to Rundy, “He’s already trying one club,” after it hit my head.

But earlier we had made dough-balls, and then they got cooked, and we ate them. I gave one to Deirdre, who was riding on Owen’s back. Owen took Deirdre’s dough ball, and gave it to Deirdre. And Owen said, “Do you want to eat a crunchy snack now?” And Deirdre said “Yes”, and then Deirdre ate it, and Owen said, “Should we whack Caleb?” And then after that I ran away. And then Owen said, “Should we not, since Caleb already ran away?” And I didn’t hear Deirdre answer.

Before I got the doughballs from Justin, I told Mom, “See how I look after IÂ’m done falling off the slide and playing Gorilla?” I got bonked on my head and I had to go barefoot to make it so I could kick people kind of (in wrestling), but I didnÂ’t do it. And “The End”.