The case of the talking pig, cow, horse and the hen

Ah, yes the case of the talking pig, cow, horse and the hen….. No animals were hurt playing this.

I (Farmer Justin) was doing school on the porch and Owen ( A Farmer ) told me that he had made a good pen, and wanted me to be a animal in it. I said “No, I have to do school,” and went in just as Evan ( A Hen ) and Caleb (A ” baby cow”) decided to be animals . I put my school book down and decided to go be an animal. I got there and Evan asked where Owen would milk a cow. Owen made up a place that Evan though was silly so Owen said, “Fine, you be the trainer.” Evan said no, he didn’t want to be the trainer, just like me, so Owen started to walk away saying, “All that hard work making a pen”. Me and Evan laughed, and Evan said making a good game is hard. I said “All right, I guess I will.” Owen whipped around and clapped his hands and grinned.

Later on, I asked Caleb what animal he was; Deirdre interrupted, “I am a baby pig!!!” and then Caleb answered me, “A baby cow”. Then I asked Owen, who said “I’m a horse”. Next I asked Evan, who replied, “What do you want?” (meaning “What do you want me to be?”) I said a hen, so hen it was. I was planning on training them to be in the fair; Deirdre to be really fat, Evan to have a really good egg, Caleb to run really fast, and Owen to be really obedient.I didn’t think Deirdre was playing before, but a pig was good! Just then Lachlan yelled, “OWEN YOU NEED TO CLEAR!!” (Meaning, his job of clearing after lunch.) “Awwww” came from Owen but he went in.

I got hay for my hen–that is, Evan–to make a nest, and then got food for my hen (sand from the sand box, with big round rocks, which I told my hen to lay after she ate them and–WOW! She understood!) Then I got fresh grass for my calf or “baby cow”. After that I got food for the pig (I think I gave her pig-weed from near the barn). Seeing Collin, Evan, and mine’s teepee, I snatched it up and said, “This is a place to sleep or get shade. Deir–pig, eat more so we can make you fat, Deirdre, all you heard is eat, ok?” (Because I didn’t want her to hear that I was fattening her up.) WOW!! My pig said “OK!” And WWWOOOOWWW!! She also said, “Justy, I borndid (gave birth to) a daddy and a boy!!” Man, for a baby pig that’s good! My hen (Evan) said,” Deirrrrddddrrrreeeeee, you’re still a baby!” I think I fainted because of all these unusual things. (In case you were wondering, I didn’t really).

Where was I? Ah, yes, my hen talking, and my pig “borndid” a daddy and a boy! Well, we decided to undo borndiding a daddy and a boy.

I said it was night-time, so the baby cow and pig crammed in the teepee and the hen roosted. I slept in the pen with one eye open so I could see the hen lay eggs, which she did. Next “morning” I went straight to the nest and stole it and I fainted again (in case you were wondering I didn’t really) because the baby cow and pig grew up in one night! I just pretended they did to make the game go along faster. The hen ran away because he was so mad at me for “stealing” his eggs.

Well, the cow could run so fast that he knocked me down, and the pig was so fat, that we decided it was time to go to the fair. No one was looking so I ran inside and switched the rock egg for a Play food one. The horse (Owen) came back (from clearing) and I told him that when he was away I trained him to be good. And when he said “Okay,” I did NOT faint! I wasn’t surprised they were talking because they were doing it so much before. At the fair, when I displayed the egg, the cow (Caleb) said, “Hey, that’s my play-food.” I said, “So what, and sit down.” WOW–he obeyed me, even though I didn’t train him to be obedient! All of them obeyed me all the time, even though I only trained Owen to be. All of a sudden, Deirdre my pig lifted up her shirt and–BOOYYYING–she bulged her belly out BIG! We all burst out laughing. Wow, what a belly; it surprised us! The horse was good until I said, “Wow, you are strong!” Then he fell down laughing.

After we went to the fair, everybody basically stopped playing.