Progress Report 2

Not necessarily in order: all the trim is on in the bedrooms. Rundy made himself a corner desk for his work area in the hallway. He also made all the bunk beds that needed to be made–three sets in all. (We kept the bunk bed that DH made many years ago now.) DH is pretty much all moved back in, clothes and books. Our bedroom is his office. My office is the dining room, and all my gardening books are now there. But the books I displaced are still in the living room in boxes, awaiting relocation. All three couches are back in the living room, as well as the living room computer (aka the little kids’ computer). Left to do: bookcases and linen closet for the hallway, clothing storage for all the children, disposal or new function for several dilapidated dressers, and major clean-up of enclosed porch, basement, and crawlspace above the den, when we re-discover all the things we have been living without since August, and decide if we want to keep the things we haven’t missed. Also: disposal of huge pile of rubble outside, just waiting to get snowed on and disappear until spring. Two trips to the dump have already been made, and one fire for non-salvageable wood.