Planting and harvest and graduation

My feet are soaked. I just got back from picking strawberries at a local U-Pick place. We (Rundy, me, Justin, and Owen) picked about 80 pounds today.Yesterday Rundy and I picked about 40 pounds. So I’m going to be busy making jam and freezing strawberries this afternoon! Hopefully I’ll get help washing and hulling.

The garden is finally all in. Rundy planted corn, squash and cucumbers. I put in tomatoes, pototatoes broccolli, lettuce, spinach, leeks, basil, parsley, organo, carrots, and peas (though some of the younger boys helped me with the peas, and Teman helped with the potatoes). The potatoes are starting to bloom which means the new potatoes are almost ready. The tomatoes are all blooming, and some varieties even have small green tomatoes (I planted 6 different varieties). The peas are almost ready for picking, and we have been eating salad quite regularly from the garden. I started a new garden for the herbs, closer to the house, by Rundy’s cherry tree.

We don’t usually make a big deal out of graduations around here. But it was my night to cook when Lachlan finished his computer repair course, so I decided to make it a celebration. We had marinated chicken, fresh baked bread, and a chocolate trifle for desert. Oh, and it was also Lachlan’s night wash dishes, so he got to clean up the whole mess.

 Like I said, we don’t make a big deal out of graduations.